If you are charged with drug trafficking in the State of Florida, it is extremely important that you hire a qualified and experienced Palm Beach Gardens drug trafficking lawyer who is knowledgeable with the state’s drug trafficking laws and penalties in addition to federal law. 

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What is Drug Trafficking?

The legal definition of drug trafficking includes manufacturing, transporting, and distributing large quantities of drugs. The minimum and mandatory sentences attached to a charge will depend on the types and quantities of the drugs involved. Drug trafficking laws as outlined in Statue 893.135 in Florida are extensive and very specific as to what is punishable by law. Remember, it is the quantity of drugs that are seized at the time of the arrest that determine whether you are charged with possession or trafficking. Depending on the type of drug involved, the minimum amounts to qualify as drug trafficking can be very low.

Matthew Konecky, PA is an experienced Palm Beach drug trafficking attorney who handles cases involving all types of drugs, including:

The Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Florida

Drug trafficking is the most serious drug offense an individual can be charged with in the State of Florida. It is considered a first-degree felony with the potential of a prison sentence of up to 30 years. If you are also consequently charged with possession of a firearm at the time of arrest, the penalty is even more severe with the potential of life in prison. If the charges also allege that the trafficking was targeting minors, prosecutors will levy further charges against the defendant. Criminal drug trafficking charges can be levied by either state or federal court. State and federal laws vary based on type of drug, quantities involved, and the resultant penalties.

Drug Trafficking Defense Strategies

In planning your drug trafficking defense strategy, we will focus on some key areas of your case such as:

  • The circumstances of the search and seizure. Did the methods utilized comply with Federal and State laws?
  • Was there reasonable suspicion or was probable cause indicated when you were arrested?
  • Was the search warrant valid and properly executed?
  • Was your house or vehicle illegally searched?
  • Were you informed of your rights?
  • Did you consent to being searched?
  • Did you make any statements and what were the circumstances at the time you made those statements?

As a criminal defense lawyer, I will thoroughly review the above details and many more regarding the validity of your arrest. In many cases I have succeeded in obtaining dismissals or have negotiated very favorable probationary plea bargains. The penalties for drug trafficking are severe and I will work closely with you to ensure you receive the best possible defense to avoid jail and a permanent criminal record.

As we mentioned above, the circumstances of your search and seizure are important. They can play a big role in getting your case dismissed if it was done imporperly by law enforcement. So, what exactly is an illegal search and seizure? Watch the video below for more information.


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