Is Grand Theft a Felony in Florida? Yes.

Grand theft is a felony crime that can result in first-degree, second-degree, or even third-degree charges. This is based on the value of the stolen property and other factors, such as whether force was used, the type of property involved, and the history of the accused. Some key factors by type of felony charges are:

  • Third-degree felony grand theft. This includes retail theft of $300, theft of a motor vehicle, and theft of property valued between $300-$20,000.
  • Second-degree felony property crimes. Retail theft with property valued over $3,000 and grand theft of property valued between $20,000-$100,000​ are second-degree felonies.
  • First-degree felony grand theft. This includes grand theft of property valued at more than $100,000, arson of a structure that is or could be occupied, and armed burglary.

Grand Theft Prison Sentence in Florida

In Florida, the prison sentence for grand theft can last one year or longer. If the grand theft charge is a first-degree felony, one can face up to:

  • 30 years in prison
  • 30 years on probation
  • $10,000+ fine

How The Law Offices of Matthew Konecky Can Defend Grand Theft Charges

If you have been charged with grand felony theft, you need to contact a grand theft defense attorney immediately. A conviction can result in up to five years in jail for third-degree charges, up to 15 years for second-degree charges, and up to 30 years for first degree charges. Your future is at stake. As an experienced grand theft lawyer, I can help you get your charges reduced or your case dismissed. I will review the merits of your case and determine the best strategy.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Your freedom and livelihood are at stake. Contact us now so we can build the best defense strategy for your case. We have extensive knowledge and experience. You will receive our dedicated attention to your situation to ensure justice is served.