In an unexpected turn of events in Nassau County, FL, a DoorDash delivery driver became the center of a DUI arrest. Continue reading to hear our take on this unexpected case and why choosing the right legal representation if you're a driver arrested for a DoorDash DUI is critical in making or breaking your case, and ultimately protecting your rights.

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DoorDash DUI in Florida with driver arrestedDoorDash Driver Arrested for DUI in Florida

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a possible drunk driver at a local Chick-fil-A drive-through outside of Jacksonville, Florida. The driver, 57-year-old John Kaminski, was reportedly close to hitting several vehicles. On arrival, deputies asked Kaminski to exit his vehicle, who was exhibiting signs of impairment slurring his speech and stumbling. After he could not complete field sobriety tests, Kaminski was arrested on suspicion of DUI and taken to the Nassau County Detention Facility. Further investigation revealed controlled substances in his vehicle, leading to additional charges. 

An Unexpected Delivery 

Given the circumstances, Deputy Dale Hutcherson decided to complete Kaminski’s DoorDash delivery, ensuring the customer received their Chick-fil-A order “just in time for breakfast.” His successful delivery was posted to the Nassau County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, where locals praised Hutcherson for his act of kindness. 

What Happens if You Get a DUI in Florida

While this story had a happy turn of events, it does bring to light the serious consequences of driving under the influence in Florida. DUI charges are always serious and carry severe penalties, including possible fines, license suspension, and even jail time. In this case, Kaminski was also found with controlled substances in his vehicle which he did not have a proper prescription for, further escalating the potential charges. It’s a reminder of the importance of having an experienced DUI defense attorney in Florida who knows the law well and can help you through the tricky legal system. An expert DUI attorney can navigate you through the different options available to you depending on the details of your case, ensuring that your rights are protected and you receive a fair trial in court. 

Why Hire a Defense Attorney for Your DoorDash DUI

Finding an experienced DUI defense attorney in these types of situations is of the utmost importance. They provide legal counsel, can help navigate the intricacies of the court system, help determine if a first-time offender program is available to you, and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Whether it’s negotiating plea deals, challenging evidence, or representing clients at trial, their expertise is invaluable. For anyone facing DUI charges in Florida, contacting and securing a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible after your arrest is critical for their case. 

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How a Palm Beach Gardens DUI Defense Attorney Can Help

If you or someone you know is facing DUI charges in Florida, it’s important to seek legal representation immediately. An expert attorney can provide you with the proper guidance and support needed to effectively navigate the complex legal system.

Remember, driving under the influence is a serious offense and can have long-lasting effects on your ability to secure employment, financial stability, and overall well-being. Be sure to drink responsibly and take an Uber if you’re ever doubting your driving abilities after drinking. If you or a loved one ever find yourself in a situation where you’re facing a DUI, know that we’re always just a phone call away - and we’re available to help 24/7. 

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