What to know if you were arrested for a DUI in West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale Florida

If you were recently arrested for driving under the influence, you may be asking yourself what should you do now? After all, being accused of a crime means that you could be risking your current freedom and future if charged with the offense. While difficult, it is important to stay calm and avoid accidentally incriminating yourself by sharing more information than you need to. When you arrive at the police station, ask to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible, since it is your right to do so. Refuse to participate in police interrogation until you have your legal team present. Here is some more insight into what a DUI arrest may be like and what you can do to protect your best interests.

As you are being arrested, stay calm and cordial with the officer. Some people may try to fight or run away, but that can make matters even worse. You are technically innocent until the prosecution proves otherwise, so there is no need to panic in the moment. Prevent making incriminating statements by staying quiet. The only information you should have to provide during your booking is your name. Police may try to get you to talk to them about what happened. They may even come off as friendly or concerned about your situation, but they are often working for the contrary. If an officer arrested you, then they are going to work to build a case against you. 

Our friends at Cohen & Cohen will tell you, DUI cases are frequently won or lost depending on the details. When you are in the presence of your lawyer, write down everything you recall about your DUI stop, regardless of how insignificant you may believe they are. If there were people with you in the car during your arrest or other witnesses, they could become useful in your defense. Human memory is flawed, so what you remember may fade and could change the course of your case. Having a timeline of what you did earlier in the day and leading up to the incident will be helpful to your legal team when developing your defense strategy. Be honest with your lawyer, they are there to help you. 

Social media use is a frequent habit in our society. While it can be a great way to connect with people, in the event of a criminal case, the prosecution may scour through your social media in an attempt to find something to use against you. Do not underestimate the tactics that the prosecution may use to cast you in a light that supports their accusations. Make your online profiles private and refrain from posting anything related to the incident. In fact, if you can avoid social media use during this time, even direct messages to friends or family, the better. A DUI lawyer will advise, when presented out of context, material you post publicly or in conversations with others could damage your reputation and hinder your odds of a dropped or reduced charge. 

To learn more about the common myths and misunderstandings surrounding DUI charges, you can also read this guide for valuable information about your rights and responsibilities as a driver.

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