There are multiple great attorneys out there who can handle your case, but you've got to find the right match. In doing that it's important not to just pick the lawyer on TV, the lawyer on the billboard. 

Interview many of them. Make sure you sit with the lawyer and not just a paralegal and not just an investigator. Because you want to hear from the lawyer and what they're going to do. When I meet with my clients, I sit down and I talk about the process from getting medical treatment, to how the accident happened, to what they can expect in three months, six months, or maybe a year if I anticipate the case going longer than that. I build a rapport with the client so that they understand what they can expect from us. That's why it's important that it's more than just looking at numbers on a billboard or listening to what the jingle says on TV. You need to be actively searching and speaking with an attorney. 

Also, go on to Google. See if the attorney got any five-star reviews or see if they have any one-star reviews. That can dig in and you can see what other clients experiences are. It's not always about numbers. It's about how you are treated. Are you treated like a number or are you treated like a person?

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