So I've been asked - Can I get a DUI while in a self-driving car? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. You might ask yourself, how can that be? Well, first you have to take a look at the DUI statute. 316.193 states that a person must drive or be in actual physical control of a vehicle and under the influence of alcohol or a chemical or controlled substance. But that's a lot to unpack. What is actual physical control? So, it's defined in the statute as actual physical control of a vehicle means the defendant must be in physical control or have the capability to operate the vehicle regardless of whether they're actually operating it. So imagine that. You could be in a self-driving car and as long as you have the ability to operate that vehicle if you are under the influence, you can get a DUI. And the crazy thing is, even if you're not in a self-driving car and you have a key fob in your pocket that has the ability to start or stop that vehicle, you could be guilty of a DUI. Do you have any other DUI-related questions? Contact us - we're available 24/7 online or by phone. For immediate legal advice regarding DUIs, check out our free guide to help you navigate the legal complexities of DUI laws.