Mugshot Removal Service

An arrest can be embarrassing and negatively affect your future. Oftentimes, you'll be able to find your mugshot online simply by searching your name. Even if you were not charged with a crime, your mugshot can live on the internet forever. Our experienced Florida mugshot removal lawyer has the tools to remove your mugshot off most or even all of the websites your mugshot may appear on.

Will a Mugshot Go Away?

A mugshot is public information and is very difficult to remove alone. Leaving your mugshot online can affect:

  • Your future ability to apply for jobs and pass a background check
  • Opportunities to get into college or graduate school
  • Remaining enrollment at your current school
  • Your future ability to apply for an apartment

CS/SB 1046: Arrest Booking Photographs Explained

In June of 2021, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a new law (SB 1046) that requires mugshot publishers to remove booking photos if requested by the person featured in the image. If a private publisher does not remove the requested mugshot within 10 days of the written notice, they will face a daily $1,000 penalty until the mugshot is removed. According to The Florida Senate, SB 1046 officially become effective on 10/1/2021.

Will an Expungement Remove My Mugshot?

Did you know that having your case sealed and expunged gives you the right to deny that you were arrested before? An expungement alone will not remove your mugshot off the internet but will make the process easier. If your case is eligible to be sealed and expunged by our criminal defense lawyer, the state of Florida is then required to remove any trace of your arrest from the internet. While your mugshot may be removed from public arrest databases, your mugshot will remain on private mugshot websites forever. Our mugshot removal attorney will work on your behalf to have your mugshot removed from all of these websites both public and private.

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