So you're thinking of having your case sealed and expunged? 

Sealing and expunging your case can be life-changing and wipe your record clean for good. 

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If this is you, you might qualify to have your case sealed and expunged...

The charges you were arrested for were ultimately dropped, dismissed, or you were acquitted of the charges, either by a judge or jury, and:

(1) you have never been convicted of a criminal offense in Florida, and

(2) all juvenile felonies and specified misdemeanors (found in s. 943.0585(1)(d)) that resulted in an adjudication of delinquency have been automatically expunged pursuant to s. 943.0515, Fla. Stat., and

(3) you have never sealed or expunged another arrest record in Florida (unless you are expunging an arrest that has been sealed for 10-years).

What you will learn...

What sealing and expunging is and how to evaluate your case 

How long it takes to seal and expunge your case

Where to go and how to fill out an application to seal and expunge your case in Florida

How to get your mugshot removed

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