Man Injured in Car Accident Calling Lawyer Matthew Konecky‚Äč

A car accident settlement is a settlement of a dispute over a car accident. When a car accident settlement comes into my office, oftentimes it has to do with a personal injury. This means that somebody was injured as a result of a car accident. When in an accident after calling for emergency services, it's best to call an experienced personal injury attorney to alert them of your accident as soon as possible.  The value of the case in a car accident settlement is based on multiple factors. These factors include:

What is Pain & Suffering?

You may be able to receive financial compensation for any physical or mental/psychological suffering you have experienced caused by your accident. 

Who Pays for Past Medical Bills?

Immediately after an accident, it is important to understand what a settlement offer is. You are entitled to recover past medical bills that are directly related to the accident. These include doctor bills, hospital bills, emergency room treatment bills, ambulance services, nursing services, pharmaceutical receipts, physical therapy bills, and more. Additionally, personal injury protection (PIP) should cover up to $10,000 worth of medical bills. 

How Will My Future Medical Bills Get Paid?

The road to recovery may be long. Your settlement could include any potential future medical expenses relating to medical care, rehabilitation, long-term care, chiropractic costs, and many more. Future medical bills can also be covered by the at-fault party. 

Who Pays Lost Wages? 

If your accident has caused a disability, you may be entitled to the recovery of any lost wages from the moment of your accident before the settlement occurs.

Additionally, you may be entitled to any future lost wages, especially in the case of a permanent disability. If an accident has damaged your ability to earn your prior wage, you can recover all if not more of the compensation you earned prior to the accident. PIP or the at-fault party can also cover lost wages. 

All of these are big drivers in a personal injury case as well as a permanent impairment. If somebody was injured in a car accident that has left them disabled, that becomes the main driver of the personal injury case. A settlement is a negotiation between the plaintiff (injured party), their attorney, and the other person's insurance company. 

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