We all know about the infamous "Florida Man", but this week "Florida Teen" is making headlines. A Florida teen is being charged as an adult after pleading not guilty to multiple felony counts related to the rigging of her high school homecoming queen contest. 

Prosecutors allege that Emily Grover, a student at Tate High School along with her mother, hacked into a school computer system and rigged the results of a homecoming queen contest. 

Grover, who was 17 at the time, turned 18 before she was arrested. Grover's mother, Laura Rose Carroll, is an assistant principal at an Escambia County elementary school. With her mother's access to the school district computer system, Grover and Carroll were able to gain entry using Carroll's administrator privileges into a system used by both students and parents. Discrepancies were later noticed by the school district when Carroll's cell phone was shown to have accessed the system without authorization on numerous instances. 

Carroll's daughter was later reported by multiple students after she allegedly boasted about her mother casting fraudulent votes. Grover and Carroll both face up to 16 years in prison. She faces her first arraignment on May 14th. 

According to ABC News, Caroll has been suspended from her job while she and her daughter are free on $6,000 and $2,000 bonds. 

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