Florida man strikes again! A man in Florida who was recently named 'Paramedic of the Year' was recently arrested for playing a major role in the theft of COVID-19 vaccines according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office. Joshua Colon now faces multiple charges including forgery, fraud, and misconduct when he admitted to forging paperwork to hide his supervisor's requested theft of multiple Moderna pre-filled COVID-19 vaccines. 

Colon filled out three vaccine forms which should have been administered to three other firefighters where they reported never receiving the vaccine later on. Colon then admitted to his lawyer that his supervisor allegedly threatened him if he did not steal the vaccines for his mother. Regardless if Colon was threatened by his supervisor, he still tried to cover for him. If Colon would have just immediately reported the threat, charges against him would have never been brought about.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office said "Colon did not report this incident to anyone within Polk County Fire Rescue." Colon resigned Friday and was arrested only 3 days later. As of now, no additional arrests have been made as the case is still actively under investigation.

While this isn't your typical funny 'Florida Man Gets Bit by an Alligator After Putting It in a Dress' story, this is an especially sad case due to the state of affairs of the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to lash down on the United States where the grand majority still cannot get the vaccine they were promised.

Per the CDC, here is a unique tool to help find a COVID-19 vaccine near you in the state of Florida.

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Mugshot of Florida Man Who Stole COVID-19 Vaccines

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