How much time can I get for a domestic violence charge?

That's a question I get asked a lot and it's also a loaded question. Like most cases, each case is individual and it's depending on the nature of the charge and other factors. First, let's take a look at, do you have a prior record? Are you charged with a misdemeanor or a felony? Those are factors that can determine how much time you will get. Most importantly, to determine what you'll get any time, you have to be convicted. But, I will tell you in a domestic violence charge if you're convicted of domestic violence you're at a minimum going to serve a probation sentence and in that probation sentence you're going to have to complete either batter intervention program, anger management, or some other court-appointed program to help deal with the issues of domestic violence.

So if you want to know more about your specific domestic violence case, then give us a call. Let's do a full analysis of your case and I can give you my opinion of what I see whether the state can prove the elements or if they can what a potential sentence could be. And if you want to know more about domestic violence cases, you can download my domestic violence guide called One Bad Night