CNN reported that the Orange County State Attorney Aramis Ayala was pulled over in a traffic stop for which she hopes to use as a teachable moment for police. Read Here. Ms. Ayala was stopped because an officer ran her tag and it “didn’t come back to anything”.  He also alluded that her tints were dark, but he didn’t have his measuring device.

Ms. Ayala asks “what was the tag run for” almost suggesting that her vehicle was singled out before the tag was run.   Most people would assume that this was some sort of bias stop.  It may well be, however Ms. Ayala’s recation is suprising to me.  She is the State attorney for two large counties in Florida.  She is well aware that police technology allows officers to run tags constantly on radom vehicles.  The police do this to look for stolen vehicles, expired tags, suspended drivers, and warrants for individuals who own the vehicles.  While I believe this type of technology runs right along the lines of a 4th Amendment violation, it is out there and it is being used everyday.  The city of Light House Point has stationary cameras throughout the city that look for these types of violations, and when there is a violation, the police are called.

CNN’s take that this may be a teachable moment for officers, this should be a teachable moment for the public, you are being watch always.   If Ms. Ayala felt her specific traffic stop should not have happened, then she should dismiss or “Nolle Prosse” all cases in her Circuit for which the basis of her stop came from this kind of technology.

To see the stop, click here.

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