With the newest Executive Order issued by Governor Ron Desantis for which he declares “Safer at Home”, the public at large is restricted in “their movements and personal interactions outside of their home to only those necessary to obtain or provide essential services or conduct essential activities.”  This vague order might make it seem we are confined to our home, but we are not.

More importantly, there are those who don’t feel safe at home due to domestic violence. As people are forced home for work, schools are closed, and the labor force is getting laid off, there could be an increase in domestic violence. In China, there are reports of widespread divorce after the lockdown was lifted. There were increased amounts of domestic violence.

Courts Are Open for Essential Services

In Palm Beach County, the courthouses remain open for essential services.   Under the Chief Judge’s Order, Ex parte injunctions for dating violence, domestic violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, stalking, or prevention of child abuse pursuant to Chapter 39, Florida Statutes are all essential hearings.  

If You Are a Victim

If you’re a victim, you have rights under Chapter, 39, Florida Statutes. The Courts are available to hear your case. Whether you are the victim or a defendant in a domestic violence situation, we have written a consumer guide called “One Bad Night”. This essential information details what happens in a domestic violence case both in the civil courts and criminal courts. You may download it for FREE here.

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