Zoom Lawyer Appears as a Cat in This Viral Zoom Court Hearing Mishap

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many lawyers have resorted to using Zoom to virtually attend their court hearings. While there's already been many viral Zoom mishaps over the last year, this one takes the cake. 

A lawyer in Texas appeared before a judge as a cat after being unable to change the filter which overlayed his video. "I'm not a cat," Rod Ponton stated during a hearing in Presidio county of south-west Texas. 

The cat filter was able to capure Ponton's reaction of confusion in real-time as he and his assistant scrambeld to find a way to disable the filter. 

Judge Roy Ferguson told Ponton: "I believe you have a filter turned on in the video settings." The flustered cat (Ponton) then stated "Can you hear me, judge?"

Ponton was representing the state of Texas in the Zoom hearing which was centered on a man who made an attempt to leave the United States with contraband and illegally-obtained money. Cases like this one occur regularly in Presidio county as it is located on the United States and Mexico border. You can view the viral mishap below:

While the Texas cat lawyer is one for the pandemic viral vault, as Americans continue to conduct professional business virtually, more viral misaps are certain to take place.

Matthew Konecky (not a cat), is a criminal defense and personal injury attorney based out of Palm Beach County Florida. He is also the author of  'My Loved One Has Been Arrested, What’s Next?' If you've been arrested in the state of Florida, contact us immediately at 561-671-5995 or by clicking here and our experienced criminal defense attorney will provide the help you need relating to your case.

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