red light camera ticketPalm Beach County has stopped issuing Red Light Camera Tickets, for the time being. This decision came base in part of the 4th District Court of Appeal Ruling in City of Hollywood v. Arem. In Arem, the court held that a municipality does not have the authority to delegate its ticket writing ability to a third party private vendor. In essence, cities cannot hire someone to do their dirty work and then collect the fine.

The Court specifically found that the American Traffic Solutions, who monitors the cameras and writes the tickets, decides which cases a traffic infraction enforcement officer gets to review, determines who is subject to prosecution, who the registered vehicle owner is, and transmits the citation. The court held that the traffic infraction enforcement officer for the municipality only “acquiesces to the vendor’s decision to issue the citation.”

Finally, the court held that dismissal is the appropriate sanction. What does this mean to you? For the time being if you receive a red light camera ticket in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, or St. Lucie County they should be dismissed upon proper motion. Call our office for us to assist you.

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