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Interested in sealing and expunging your case?  Here is why it may be important to you. When someone wants their case sealed or expunged, it is essentially removed from their public record. When you're arrested, regardless of being found guilty or not guilty, dismissed, or a withhold of adjudication, there is still a public record. 

If you are eligible to have your case sealed or expunged, you can go through the process in order to have it removed from public records. (To see if you may be excluded, click here.)  Many people will ask "I had my case dismissed, why would I even need this?" The answer is simply that your record is public. If you're applying for a job, promotion, or even to a school, you want to have your record as clean as possible. In some cases, you may find your mugshot floating around the internet forever. With a seal or expunge order, it is much easier to remove it from a private website.

If your case was dismissed and nolle prosequi​ (state-dismissal), and a no-file (decline to file charges), you can have your case expunged if you have no other expungements or adjudications of any other crimes. If you receive a plea of a withhold of adjudication​, you may be able to have your case sealed. Even though you may have plead guilty, you can still have it removed from public records. You can see a list of charges of when you are eligible or not for this here on our website. The main difference between sealing and expunging your case is simply that the file is sealed with the court and nobody can obtain access to it. When your case is expunged, it is actually destroyed. When you have the ability to expunge your file, that is the absolute best option as some sealed cases can eventually be reopened. 

Another advantage of having your case removed from public record actually gives you the right to deny the fact that you were even arrested in most circumstances. There are however 5 circumstances listed on the FDLE website which you can view here where you cannot deny that.


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