The City of Miami Beach recently released a video announcing their “break-up” with Spring Break for 2024 (which can be viewed below). According to the City of Miami Beach website, spring breakers can expect a plethora of added security measurements and new rules such as curfews, DUI checkpoints, road closures, and security checkpoints. 

Whether you are a Florida resident or have already planned your trip to Miami for spring break, we understand that this may put a damper on your trip. We have the information you need to know what’s changing in Miami for Spring Break 2024, and how you can best defend your legal rights in Florida. In the words of one man interviewed regarding Spring Break in Miami, “We ain’t ever breaking up. We staying forever.”

Miami Beach Spring Break Rules for 2024

The City of Miami Beach is doing all it can to deter visitors from visiting in droves and congregating as they have in the past. New provisions include banning cigarette smoking and other tobacco products from public beaches, alcohol consumption on the beach, large tents and tables, loud music, and large coolers. Consuming alcohol in public, possession or consumption of narcotics, driving under the influence, and violence is illegal. Not only that, but Airbnb and other short-term rentals are illegal with fines of up to $5,000/day. Beach entrances will be limited, parking will be expensive and restricted, and the towing rate will be double the normal rate. With so many new rules and regulations in place for Spring Break this year, you may be wondering how you can protect yourself and your legal rights. 

While Miami Beach is certainly trying its best to deter spring breakers, there may be a backlash against some of these new regulations. For example, there is a strict process and necessary procedures officers must follow for things such as a DUI or security checkpoint. If you were the victim of an illegal search and seizure or were arrested at a DUI checkpoint that was not following regulations, you may be able to fight your case in court. It is important to know though that denial of a sobriety test at a DUI checkpoint in Florida will result in immediate suspension of your driver’s license

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If you're currently on spring break in Florida or are planning to visit, check out more information on how a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney can defend you even if you are an out-of-state tourist

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