Spring Breakers Arrested Partying in South Florida 2021

While Miami Beach, Florida is overrun with record-breaking spring break crowds due to Florida's lax COVID-19 restrictions, a state of emergency has been declared to help reel in the chaos. With the influx of 2021 spring breakers, The Miami Beach Police Department has already reported over 1,000 arrests. The state of emergency is expected to last until mid-April when most colleges will have completed their spring breaks throughout most of the U.S.

The Most Common Spring Break Arrests in Florida

Most spring break arrests in Florida are out-of-state visitors. As a general rule, you will want to hire a criminal defense attorney from the county in which you were charged with the offense. For example, if you were arrested on spring break in Palm Beach, Florida,  you will want to hire a criminal defense attorney in Palm Beach

Arrested on Spring Break in Florida for DUI

If you have been arrested for a DUI with a blood-alcohol level (BAC) of .08% or greater, your license will automatically be suspended. A DUI license suspension also occurs when you are stopped by the police for suspected DUI and refuse to take the BAC test. At this point, you have 10 days from the time of your arrest to schedule a hearing with the DMV to challenge the suspension. Having a Palm Beach DUI lawyer present at this hearing will be your best defense against a license suspension. This will be your only opportunity to keep your license.

Arrested on Spring Break in Florida for BUI

Did you know that BUI arrests occur most often during spring break? Boating under the influence (BUI) is a serious charge in Florida. Under Florida Statute 327.35, it is unlawful to command your vessel under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you have a blood-alcohol level of .08 or higher, or you are operating your boat while your normal faculties are impaired, you can be found guilty of BUI. While a first offense is a misdemeanor, a BUI can be charged as a felony if you have three offenses within 10 years or if you cause an accident resulting in serious injury or death. Our firm handles a significant number of BUI cases every year. Contact us today to take advantage of our years of experience handling these charges to get the best possible outcome.

Arrested on Spring Break in Florida for Underage Drinking

Teens should be aware of underage DUI. With zero-tolerance laws in all states, drivers under the age of 21 caught with any alcohol in their system will face arrest and underage DUI charges. Unless they have an experienced DUI attorney defending them in court, the likelihood of conviction is high. Being declared a DUI offender comes with short-term and lifelong consequences, including possible jail time, hefty fines, and ignition interlock device installation.

Arrested on Spring Break in Florida for Assault

If you are charged with aggravated assault on spring break in Florida, you are facing a third-degree felony conviction. The penalties are severe and can include a prison sentence, probation, and harsh fines. With an aggravated assault conviction in the State of Florida, you will also lose your right to carry a firearm as well as your right to vote.

Arrested on Spring Break in Florida for Battery

You may have been arrested as a result of a bar fight, road rage, or another unintended altercation on spring break. You may actually be the victim. Whatever the circumstances, you need to fight this charge as your life could easily be turned upside down and changed forever. Although the burden of proof rests on the prosecutors, without a solid defense and the support of an experienced, qualified, and aggressive criminal defense lawyer, you could easily be convicted. 

How to Stay Out on Jail on Spring Break 2021

With an already record number of spring breaker arrests in South Florida, there are ways you can stay out of jail.

  1. Comply with any officer's request both quickly and respectfully. It is the police's job to keep you safe.
  2. Do not consent to a search. If an officer asks you for permission to search you, politely decline. If you agree to a search, you may be giving up your rights. 
  3. Do not run from the police. Evading the police will get you arrested even if you may be innocent. Answering a few questions and receiving a warning is much better than spending a night in jail.
  4. Do not lie about your identity. If an officer finds out you are lying about your true identity, you may be subject to arrest. 

What Should I Do if I Was Arrested in Florida on Spring Break?

A spring break arrest can affect your future. If you were arrested on spring break in South Florida, The Law Offices of Matthew Konecky will fight for you to ensure your constitutional rights are being protected. Contact us or call us immediately at (561) 671-5995 to speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. You can also download my free guide 'My Loved One Has Been Arrested: What’s Next?'.

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