Now that Marijuana can legally be prescribed in Florida under 381.986, it doesn’t mean you can grow your own medication. Under Florida Statute Section 893.02(15)(a) it is illegal to produce, prepare, propogation, compound, cultivate grow or covert marijuana. Under 893.1351 it’s a second degree felony, punishable up to 15 years.
So how can anyone legally grow Marijuana? You must get a Florida Marijuana Growing License. Look online, there are many companies that will assist someone who is interested. Per you need the following to get a license:
• A grower’s nursery must be at least 30 years old. The business should also possess at least 400,000 plants.
• An applicant should be able to prove they can manage the huge start up expenses and the bond needed for your medical marijuana dispensary to be licensed. You must also convince the licensing officials that your business will run for at least 2 years without going bankrupt. The startup cost is usually $2 million and a non-refundable fee of $63,000 is needed.

Maybe you should stick to tomatoes….

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