Last week a St. Lucie County man was arrested for DUI when riding on a lawnmower.   CBS 12 reported it here.   It may be hard to believe, you can get a DUI on just about anything that moves.   Everybody assumes that a DUI means car, however, there is BUI (Boating under the influence).   DUI’s are just reserved for Boats and Cars, there for any vehicle.

How do you know what qualifies as a vehicle?

Under Florida Statute 316.003 a vehicle is defined as ” [e]very device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, except personal delivery devices and devices used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks.”

That is correct “every device that” can be drawn upon a highway.   This mean virtually everything you can drive, or ride on, can be considered a vehicle. Under 316.003 a bicycle and autonomous car is considered a vehicle. We discussed the issue of autonomous cars a few months back.

Other crazy DUI

So looking at 316.193 and 316.003 here are some examples of DUI’s you never thought about.

DUI on a horse.   This woman in Polk County was arrested for DUI on a Horse.   Does a horse qualify as a vehicle? I guess so.

DUI on a bike. This person was stopped for DUI on his bicycle.

DUI on a Fork Lift?   Good Ol’ Steve Jessup got popped for DUI on a Fork Lift.

DUI on Lawnmower–   Steve Jessup at it again, he got arrested on a lawnmower too.

Ok, the last two were fun, but it really does show that you can get arrested for DUI and not be in the traditional car or boat.

EBike an alternative?

Ebike– which are electric bicycles that go no more than 20 miles an hour, do not require a license or registrations.  They are fine for those who have had their license suspended for DUI, but you still can get a DUI on an Ebike.

Stay Safe out there.

I chose a lawn mower after reading the article - But I came to you and thought. Tell me what to do?
by Tina September 13, 2020 at 02:07 AM
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