I've been asked, "Can I represent myself in court?". The answer is yes, but think of it this way. If you had a toothache, would you perform dentistry on yourself? Abraham Lincoln once famously said, "He who represents himself is a fool for a client". I think he's absolutely right about this. While your case may not seem so big to you, it can incur long lasting consequences. 

Unknown Consequences of a plea

I have heard this statement countless times: "my friend says if I just show up I will get xyz plea". That may be true, but do you know the consequences of that plea? Are you able to expunge that plea? Will you be on probation? Do you know that if you violate probation, you could go to jail without bond? Is there a better plea deal.

If you go to court and take a plea because you think you've got a good deal without knowing the consequences, those affects can last the rest of your life. Once the plea has been done, it cannot be undone. By taking a plea, you've waved your rights.

Even if you think you can represent yourself at trial, did you know you must be responsible for knowing all the Rules of Evidence, Criminal Procedure, and Florida Statutes that apply to your case? You don't get a break for not being a lawyer.

While you can represent yourself, you may not like the result that follows! 

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