Man Arrested Who Needs Lawyer

What do you after you've been arrested? Should you tell people? You never want to say or do anything that may impact your case going forward. Here are 5 things an experienced criminal defense attorney believes you should do after getting arrested! 

Keep your mouth shut!

After an arrest, social media is not your friend. Many feel the urge to talk about their arrest experience on social media or even go to the press in some cases. What most forget, however, is that anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can offer after being arrested is staying completely silent on social media and not saying a word! 

When it comes to social media after an arrest:

  • Keep in mind private profiles aren't truly private
  • Don't delete posts without seeking advice of an attorney
  • Don't trash talk the officers, prosecutor, or any individuals associated with the case
  • Stick to established facts if you must post on social media

Update the clerk/bondsman of any new addresses you have

After an arrest, some people may be forced to move or willingly move to another address. If the clerk or bondsman does not have your correct mailing address on file, your court date is going to be sent to your former address. This creates the chance of you never receiving when your court date is. If this is the case, you could even end up with a warrant for your arrest. 

Get help if you need it 

If your case is substance abuse related for example and you have an opportunity to get help whether it be for substance abuse or anger management, anything you do for your case will be beneficial for you in court. If you're struggling with substance abuse, you can call the SAMHSA National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357 which provides confidential free help from public health agencies in your area.


Not only should you prepare for your court day after an arrest, but you should also prepare financially especially when hiring a good criminal defense attorney in your area. Many may ask "why should I prepare for my court case?" You should always do things such as gathering police reports ahead of your court date as gathering this information helps the lawyer if you decide to hire one. 

Hire an experienced attorney

The best place to find a lawyer is to look at Google or AVVO reviews. You should never just look at the star rating of a lawyer, but you should go in-depth and read each review to pick out certain traits to make sure you are hiring the right lawyer for yourself. Looking for traits such as good communication with clients or preparedness in court is key. 


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