People want to know what are alternative sentencing options. Well let's just start with, if you are convicted of a crime or you had to withhold adjudication - which is a judge accepting a plea but not convicting you of anything, there can be a lot of different sentencing alternatives to jail. First is probation. Probation is where you're being monitored by a probation officer to make sure you do not have any new charges.

Other alternatives, you could do community service hours, you can do drug treatment if that is kind of involved in your case. That's an alternative sentencing to for instance jail. Higher fines. Those are things that the judge can consider in your sentencing as opposed to putting you in jail. Sometimes before you even get sentenced you could do what's called a Pre-Trial Diversion program which puts you on a mini probation but if you successfully complete what you do the state dismisses your case. There are many different alternatives to jail for certain types of crimes and if you want to know more then explore our website or download one of our many free guides or give us a call we'll answer any question for you. Thank you.