Did you know that if you plead guilty to a drug paraphernalia charge, it can be extremely difficult to remove off your record? Commonly, many think that if they just pay the fine, their charge will be washed away forever. This is not the case. 

How Does This Affect My Record?

If you've been arrested for being in procession drug paraphernalia, or even just given a notice to appear in court (which is a written arrest), it will show up on your record. A criminal record that affects your ability to get or maintain a job, receive approval for college loans, vote, own a gun, or join the military. You can read more about the Florida Statutes on drug paraphernalia here

If you're eligible, having your case sealed and expunged can have a drug paraphernalia charge removed off your record for good. To learn how you can have your case sealed or expunged, call us at (561) 671-5995. 


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