The newest Executive Order issued by Governor Ron Desantis for which he declares “Safer at Home”, section 1 subsection B “[a]ll persons in Florida shall limit their movement and personal interactions outside of their home to only those necessary to obtain or provide essential services or conduct essential activities. 

Under section 3. “A social gathering in a public space is not an essential activity.”   Groups of 10 or more are not permitted to congregate in any public space. 

What Happens If I Violate “Safer at Home?”

Under Florida Statute section 252.250, which is referenced in Governor Desantis’ Order states penalties for violation of this executive order is a 2nd degree misdemeanor.   A second degree misdemeanor is punishable up to 60 days jail. 

The irony if you violate Safer at Home, you may be quarantined in jail for 60 days (which might be longer than the order). 

Should you have any questions about Safer at Home or if you have specific questions about a criminal matter, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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