The City of Wellington are looking to get 30+ license plate cameras to be set up throughout the town.  Recently the town counsel voted in favor of the cameras.

What are License Plate Cameras?

License plate cameras are stationary cameras positioned throughout the city that constantly read license plates.  They check for bad registrations, possible license issues, and if cars are stolen.   This will then alert PBSO as to the vehicle’s issues.


Many Law Enforcement agencies already have them installed in their police vehicles.   Having them mounted stationary in a town will put eyes on a corner/intersection at all times.

What this means for you?

If you are driving in an area with an License Plate Cameras and you have an expired tag, you could get pulled over much easier than if you were in an area without these cameras.   Also, if you are traveling in a stolen car, you will be caught right away.   According to this article, a pilot program in Lake Worth 2-3 stolen vehicles per day were found.


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