In another case of weird DUIs, a St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputy stopped a man for reckless driving, and started a DUI investigation. It turns out the man was wearing only underwear that stated “breathalyzer” on it.   It also said “Blow Here” and you can guess where.

So one would beg the question, was anybody else read implied consent.   Furthermore, did he in fact give a breath sample?   The real question is was there a phrase on the back of his underwear says “Insert Head Here”?

Almost as weird

it’s hard to tell which is weirder, the case above, or the Canadian man who ate his underwear to get out of a DUI.   That’s right a man thought if he ate his underwear, it would soak up the alcohol.   That is not a sound defense, although, he was acquitted. There are many defenses to DUI I do not advise the underwear defense.

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