It’s that time of year again, hurricane season. We’ve all been watching the weather man for months stating that this is the year there will be more hurricanes. Our initial reactions are to blow it off until fall, but now that the kids are back in school, and autumn is around the corner it’s time to be prepared. Everyone has their own disaster preparedness process. Some wait to the last minute to go shopping buying all the scraps left at Publix. Others start filling their pantries with bottled water, dry foods, and filling all the flashlights with fresh batteries.

We are lucky to have a warning when a hurricane comes. It gives us time to prepare. It gives us time to make arrangements to either get out of town, or batten down the hatches and face the storm head on.


You may think that we can prepare for hurricane, but you cannot prepare for a life disaster such as an automobile accident or an arrest, you’re wrong you can prepare for both.

The best way to avoid any legal entanglements with law enforcement, is to avoid law enforcement in general.   Keeping your car properly registered, free from mechanical defects, using your turn signals, and obeying the speed limit will keep you from being pulled over.

God forbid, you are pulled over, or in the alternative you are going to be arrested, having knowledge on how to handle yourself is important.   This can make or break any criminal case.


While theoretically you cannot prepare yourself for an automobile accident, you can lessen the impact by understanding what to do once you’re in an automobile accident. Handling yourself on the side of the road can both protect your safety, but it can also protect any claim you have may have against somebody else or they may have against you.

It is also important to know what insurance coverage’s you have before you get out on the road. Not being fully covered can lead to financial disaster. This is something that can easily be avoided.

Here are a few things you can do to “prepare” for a car accident:

Like preparing for a Storm, we hope it wont happen, but now there is no excuse for not being prepared.   Review the rest of my YouTube page to see how I can help you.


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