State Bill 118 was passed in the house and senate and is up for the Governor to sign. This bill does two things; first it creates a way for those who have been arrested and have their case dismissed, or no filed, have their records removed from public viewing for free. Second, the bill creates an easier way to have a case sealed.

SB 118

For those who don’t know, private entities have made lots of money over the past seven years by taking public records and reposting arrest information on private sites., Boca,, or just some examples of websites who post mugshots. The problem is now, when someone is arrested and has their case dismissed, or even expunged, there mugshots will remain on those sites. Often times sites like these charge to have the mugshots removed. This bill would make it a penalty for the website to keep the mugshots up once the defendant makes a request in writing for the removal of a booking photograph.

This will save innocent people lots of money from having to pay to have their mugshots removed. Let’s all hope Gov. Scott will sign this bill.

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