Many of you have received tickets in the mail stating you have violated a traffic control device, also known as a Red Light Camera Ticket. I am often asked, “how is this legal?” Even though a police officer didn’t pull you over, the courts are still upholding these tickets in many cases. Rest assured, we can help advise you of your options:

When you receive a ticket called a “Notice of Violation,” this is the first document you are sent. The Notice of Violation is not a Uniform Traffic Citation, which is a ticket issued by a law enforcement agency. You can do one of two things for a Notice of Violation:

  1. You can pay the notice at the designated online address or P.O. Box. In most instances, this will result in No Points and will not get reported on your Driving Record.
  2. In the alternative, you can do nothing and this will result in you getting a Uniform Traffic Citation.

If you receive a Uniform Traffic Citation, you will be given a list of options: pay an increased fine and receive points; pay the fine and opt for traffic school if you are eligible, or fight the Ticket.

Issues you should consider in making a determination of fighting the ticket:

Red Light Ticket Defense

  1. Did you actually run the red light? Each Notice of Violation will have a link to a video that will capture what happened. In my experience, I have seen several occasions where there was no actual violation.
  2. Was it you personally behind the wheel? If you were not driving your vehicle, there are remedies for you. This may include doing an affidavit stating that it was not you driving – that it was your friend or a family member. The problem this creates is that often times they will then receive a ticket.
  3. If you were to get convicted, can you afford to get points on your license?

If you receive a Red Light Camera Notice of Violation or a Uniform Traffic Citation, contact our office so we can help you determine your best option.

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