The town of Jupiter is looking to be another municipality that uses body cameras. The Palm Beach Posted reported today that there is a budget proposal for the police to have body cameras. In addition to the body cameras it appears that they would have new tasers as well.

The story indicates that the body cameras would only be activated when the Taser is removed from its holster. It seems the town of Jupiter is more concerned with allegations of police misconduct violence as opposed to recording all evidence from each case.

“The program will also increase transparency, which is a benefit as it will show the community the department’s willingness to open itself up to outside inquiry. Another advantage of having (the body-worn cameras) is the expedited resolution of complaints and lawsuits,” according to a Oct. 2 memo from Jupiter Police Chief Frank Kitzerow.

Delray Beach Using Cameras since 2016

Delray Beach is another agency using body cameras. They too are looking to purchase specific cameras that activate upon a gun being drawn. Delray Beach Police Chief stated “The cameras are not a magic wand”. These sentiments seem to indicate they are not there for investigation however rather to protect against allegations of false arrest.

Continuing Trend

As we’ve explored several times on this blog, I believe this is a continuing trend, that will not only aid municipalities in the reduction of false arrest claims, but gain citizens trust that the police are doing what they are supposed to be doing.


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