I have been asked to answer some questions about specific incidences. Rather than answer each person individually, I wanted to use this forum to answer everybody.  In addition, I have compiled some videos to help explain my answers. You can always go to my website to watch videos and download free books and special reports that might help you with your situation.

How long will a traffic light stay yellow?

This answer depends on what the speed limit is at the intersection. The faster the speed limit, the longer the light will stay yellow. I still suggest using caution when entering on a yellow, do not rely on estimated times. To learn more watch my video here.

What if I got a ticket and I don’t think I am at fault?

If you received it traffic citation for an accident and you don’t think you’re at fault, you should fight the ticket. If you are injured in that accident, it is especially important to fight the ticket because it may otherwise decrease the value of your case if you are found guilty at a civil traffic infraction trial.   In many instances the police officers who may have issued the traffic citation did not witness the accident.   This creates some difficulty in the state obtaining a conviction without an independent witness.   For a further explanation, watch here.

How long does a personal Injury case last?

The time it takes to settle a personal injury case can vary. There are several different factors. The first factor is how long you need medical treatment. If someone has to see a doctor for several months or needs physical therapy for several months the case will not settle until the completion of all the medical treatment. The next issue is determined by whether or not the insurance company sees the value in the case as the attorney.   If there is negotiating to be done this can lengthen the time it takes to sell the case.   Finally, if there is no settlement the case may have to be filed in court and that process can take up to several years.   Watch more here.

What the Heck is My Case Worth?

This question I get asked most frequently. It’s not something I can answer without knowing several key pieces of information. The first thing you would look at is any out-of-pocket expenses such as medical bills. You would then want to look at future medical treatment. If you have suffered lost wages as a result of an accident those need to be calculated as well. There are several intangible aspects to a claim such as the person’s age, prior health history, and even personality that come into play. You can watch my video here, but if you want a FREE book about the value of your case, you can download my book “What the Heck is my Case Worth, and Why Billboard Advertising is Deceptive?” at my website. This book provides essential information to help determine the value of your case, and disposes of the myths that only the billboard lawyers will get you HUGE settlements.

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