In what seems to be a reoccurring theme on this blog, another officer is caught by a camera doing something illegal. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputy Jason Cooke was arrested last week after it was discovered he stole medication from a deceased man’s home. Video shows the officer doing a detailed search the home, however this was not for investigative purposes, but to obtain money jewelry and prescriptions.

Another Case of Police Misconduct caught on Camera

We’ve been discussing this topic quite a bit on this blog. Police officers misconduct, especially in the form of planted drugspretextual stops on suspects, DUI Arrests are coming to light thanks to officer body cameras and civilian cameras.

 What Does This Mean for the Public?

This latest arrest could have a significant effect on any case for which Deputy Cooke was a primary officer. It could lead to dismissals in several cases where his credibility would be called into question. Time will tell as to the final outcome of those cases. Should any defendant have a case for which Deputy Cooke was a witness, they should contact their attorney to see what can be done.

I see this trend continuing as long as we are continuing to monitor each other’s personal lives. Not only are people relying on their smart phones to record was going on around them, people are actually buying dash cams for their cars in order to preserve evidence in any motor vehicle accident. These cameras are so cheap that you can get one as low as $30. Check it out.

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