Ten years ago this week I opened my law office in Aventura, Florida. I truly feel lucky to be the captain of my ship for so long. Over these past 10 years I have seen firms split, firms fold, and lawyers go into new directions. I am proud to have served South Florida all these years. While my offices have changed, those who have been with me 10 years know they can still count on me wherever I am located.

I really want to take this opportunity to thank those clients who have shown their support over the years. This support has come through repeat business and referrals. There is no better way of saying “Thank You” than referring a friend or family member to me. In the age of billboards that boast “So and So got me 1 Million” it is hard for a consumer to figure out who will do the best job. Your referral to my office means so much to me.

If you haven’t had any issues lately to refer to me, I am thankful that you don’t need my services. If/when you do, know I will be here.



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